"Rough Stuff For Rough Okes"

Jan Rof Selected Products

(The Ones We Know Of So Far, We Are Tracking Down The Rest Of His Stuff)

Jan Rof, John Ruff, Jean Rouge… 

… the name is known in many places throughout the world. Although the exact origins and the circumstances of his childhood are unknown; he is widely known as one of the most remarkable men who ever lived.

A dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and playing darts. He has been known to translate ethnic slurs for African refugees, writes award-winning operas and manages time efficiently. Jan was never afraid to speak out, name names and point the finger of accusation.

Now you can live the life of Jan Rof by wearing what he wore, using what he used and doing what he did. In this, our tribute store to the man himself, you can be who you always wanted to be.

So, don’t be a sissie, BUY SOMETHING!

PS : His diary has been discovered, so watch this space as his story unfolds…